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The Radomysl Castle comprises exposition halls for artists’ works, master classes and halls for constant exhibitions. Total area of the castle is about 2500 square meters. It can afford to exhibit several thousands of historical and art objects.

In the second hall you can find the home iconostases painted on canvas, and the collection of so-called Ukrainian straw amphoras.

The gallery of home icons collected from different regions of Ukraine, is located in the third hall.

The fourth hall shows the collection of unique images of the Holy Mother collected from different regions of Ukraine.

In the fifth hall you can see icons painted with tempera, a special paint made of natural ingredients. This hall has also an entrance to the bell tower, from where spiral stairs lead you first to the St. Michael’s floor, then to the St. Nicolas’s floor, then further up to the Holy Mother of Rainbow chapel, and finally to the highest point of the Castle with the bell on its top.

If you go back downstairs you will enter the sixth hall. It is the only hall, where you can find church icons. The same hall contains the stone icon of St. Nicolas carved in the end of the 12th century and the icon made “in honour of Tsar's family’s miraculous salvation”. This hall is called the Ceremonial Hall for it is used for wedding ceremonies.

Castle’s Trapezna (refectory), as 400 years ago, is a place, where friends can gather to eat tasty dishes, drink wine and discuss current events. Long wooden tables and benches are situated under low ceilings with oaken beams. 30-liter samovar will allow you to enjoy delicious taste of teas prepared from scented herbs. A large 60-liter kettle will be placed on fire and qualified cooks will prepare delicious dishes for you. Refectory walls are decorated with geographical and military maps of XV-XIX centuries.

A separate exhibition hall of "Free exhibition" with total area of 150 square meters is designed for modern art’s exhibitions.

The Chamber Music Concert Hall for 150 seats is the Castle’s real pearl. According to the results of acoustic and ballistic analysis carried out by Hydrodynamics Institute of Ukrainian National Academy of Science, it meets the highest European requirements.

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