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The Chamber Music Concert Hall for 150 seats is the real pearl of this Castle. According to the acoustic ballistic examination conducted by the Institute of Hydrodynamics NAS of Ukraine, The Hall meets the highest European standards.

Here you can hold concerts without any amplifying devices, and music that is heard strikes in its fullness, strength and sincerity. When violinists are playing on the balcony, it seems the soul sings.

The Concert Hall is protected by a magnificent ancient sculpture of Archangel Michael. Here there is a fireplace, where people in love can have a romantic dinner, or where holiday guests can hold the ball or party. You can also set the Tree and celebrate the coming New Year with a big company.

On the stone podium a piano stands, behindwhich there is one of the most amazing places in the Castle - a natural spring. One say here lives an amphibian - a frog Gertrude, nobody knows how it makes the way through the rock. This source makes the Concert Hall of Radomysl Castle unique and one of a kind.

Concert Hall of Radomysl Castle is located on a granite rock, sliding deep into the ground for kilometers, which is able to stand for centuries. Just after visiting a concert in Castle, after hearing its acoustics, you can actually feel how harmonious, sincere and deep the music is.

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