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On the 14th of January, at 17:00 Radomysl Castle-Museum invites you to be a Guest of our “Bard Evening by the Fireside”.

Concert without tinsel and special effects - only the most important: heartfelt emotions, good wishes, gentle guitar overflow, beautiful poetry and nice people. Warm meeting of friends who have not seen each other for ages. Every performance on the stage - it's a story about a heart that hurts, that pleases, the dreams and hopes of life.

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December, 24th


With a whole your family you will have an opportunity to enjoy fantastic performances in a cozy Concert hall at the Radomysl Castle Museum near a warm fireplace and a magic Christmas Tree. The festive program will call you to a winter fairy tale where children are glowing with a joy! Where love reigns and miracles come true!

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On the 10th of December, 2016 at 12.30 on the territory of a historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle Museum the celebrations dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the publication of "Chasoslov", first printed book in the Central and Eastern Ukraine, will start.

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December 18th, 2016


To this day we have prepared a fairy magic program! You will enjoy a magical Christmas tree ignition, concert program, meeting and interesting adventure with St. Nicholas! Each obedient kid will receive a gift from the Radomysl Castle Museum!

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17-18 December 2016

Dear Guests,

Before New Year's holidays, each of us strives to plunge into the fantastic atmosphere with all his soul. After all, these days we are all waiting for a miracle.

Radomysl Castle gladly invites everyone to join the secret process of New Year toy decoration.

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On the 9th of July creative group "Extremely simple" presents a new social photo project "Beauty without limits" in the historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle-Museum and invites you to the opening of the social photo-project "Beauty Without Limits", which will take place at 2 p.m.

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Dear friends!

As part of the Irisfest and to the World Children's Day "Radomysl" Castle-Museum announces a family photo contest, which will run until July 15, 2016.

All the girls in my childhood dreamt to become a real princess – wear beautiful dresses and live in a castle. We offer you and your children not only to plunge into the magic world for a few hours, but also to transform into flower images.

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Historical and cultural complex Radomysl Castle Museum invites you to a unique festival of irises!

The festival will last only for two weeks, so hurry up to enjoy the beauty of elegant and at the same time proud flower, origin of which is described in legends.

In the park-museum of the Radomysl Castle on the rocks graceful irises bloom. All those species that Igor Khorosh gave us, the doctor and the world famous iris expert. Among the unique varieties - "Lina Kostenko," "Hyacinth Sun", "Snow in Florence", "Island of Love".

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June 12, 2016

Historical and Cultural Complex Castle-Museum “Radomysl” will hostthe third International Festival "Chopin's music in the open air".

Time spent in the atmosphere of timeless music of the great composer surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape park of Radomysl Castle will take you to unforgettable Renaissance away from noisy city. Being only 90 km from the capital among waterfalls, pine forests you can really enjoy the festival of European class that will leave fond memories for the whole year.

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On the 8th of March, Radomysl Castle-Museum invites children and adults to join workshops on making ancient rag dolls.

Such dolls from ancient times have been a talisman of Ukrainian family. Motanka is the epitome of kindness and gentleness, an intermediary between a grandmother and granddaughter, senior and younger generations. So in this toy, done hastily or carefully made as a gift for a holiday, tribal, ethnic factor of love and hopes, good faith and protection from evil forces were laid. Each doll is an individual work of the master.

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