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If you want to find inner harmony, restore power after continuous work or looking for peace – you are welcome to the Boutique-Hotel. We are convinced that time spent in the Castle will remain in your memory forever – regularity of this place’s life, majestic silence, crackling wood in the fireplace, the melody of the waterfalls will add vitality and energy.

Vacation at the Castle’s Hotel you will remember forever. After all, here you begin to understand the true values of life - Love and Eternity.

Each of the Guestrooms at the Castle has its own name. This is the name of the famous personality from each of the country of Via Regia (King’s Royal Road) which unites western and eastern Europe in transport, historically and culturally.

The luxurious interior of the rooms is completed with unique antiquities. Wooden furniture and paintings of the XVIII-XIX centuries create elements of comfort and coziness. In these rooms you can really feel yourself in a different time dimension. From the windows you can see wonderful views of the river Myka and the landscape park of the Castle. However, we offer all the modern amenities.

Hotel room stock consists of:

Five double rooms:

  • “Vincenty” (Poland)
  • “Martynas” (Lithuania)
  • “Johannes” (Germany)
  • “Theresa” (Spain)
  • “Amand» (Belgium)
  • Размещение double
  • Размещение double

One double room with stained glass windows:

  • “Euphrosyne” (Belarus)

Two double rooms in the Tower:

  • “Elizabeth” (Norway)
  • “Gytha” (England)

2-rooms suite with infrared sauna

  • “Bernard and Anna” (France)

Two-Bedroom Apartment:

  • “Hetman's Tower” (Ukraine)
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