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These Latin words stand for "The Path of Kings". It is the ancient and the longest trade route in Europe that appeared in the times of Roman Empire. Over 2000 years ago Romans had constructed the network of military roads in Gaul and Germania. By the 13th c it became 4500 kilometers long and ran across eight nowadays’ Western and Eastern European countries – Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Belorussia and Ukraine.

It was in the 10th c it had reached Kyiv and later on ran across the area, where the nowadays’ town of Radomysl finds itself.

In 2006, European Council decided to revive Via Regia as the cultural symbol of EU. Thus a great European project, called "Via Regia – Cultural Path of Europe", had appeared. This project includes study and exchange of historical and cultural heritage between the towns and cities, located on that ancient trade route or near them. The project’s main purpose is to both strengthen and recover economical and humanitarian relations between these towns and cities, increase their attractiveness for tourists and raise international investments into regional economics.

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