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For conferences and other important events, you can order the conference hall (150 square meters). Here you can arrange presentations, master classes and many other cultural and business events.

The Ceremonial hall (150 square meters) can be used not only for business events but also for art exhibitions. It is here where artists and sculptors can install their works.

All auxiliary equipment is available, i.e., screens, spotlights, amplifiers, flipcharts and 100 chairs.

The Trapezna for 80 persons ensures all conditions for carrying out of post-conference events and cocktail parties.

Depending on both level and format of an event, we offer organization of cocktail parties, banquettes, dinners, coffee breaks and tea ceremonies.

The list of premises:

  • Conference hall: 150 square meters (up to 100 persons)
  • Ceremonial hall: 150 square meters (up to 100 persons)
  • Trapezna: 110 square meters (up to 80 persons)

The distance to airport, railway station and center of the city:

  • 140 km to the airport (Boryspol)
  • 100 km to the railway station (Kyiv)
  • 105 km to the city center (Kyiv)

The Castle’s personnel speaks the following languages:

  • Ukrainian, English, Polish and Russian.

Here, in the Castle’s friendly atmosphere, you can hold negotiations, organize conferences, seminars, trainings and team-buildings.

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