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There’s a unique museum in the Radomysl Castle – the Museum of Ukrainian Home Icons. They were painted in XVII-XX centuries. Its exhibition of Christian art objects, named "The Soul of Ukraine", is the biggest one in Ukraine.

The Museum is founded by Mrs. Olga Bogomolets – the famous Ukrainian doctor and civic activist. She has been collecting and saving from destruction over 5000 home icons for 15 years. Today they are open for visitors of the Museum’s exhibition halls.

This collection represents the philosophy of thousand Ukrainian families from different regions of the country and its evolution throughout centuries. But in all times the Ukrainian home icons have been family heirlooms painted for individual spiritual needs of every person in family.

Here you can find home iconostases, small travelling icons, Cossack icons, Hutsul folding icons, the icons painted on canvas, casted of metal and carved on wood and also ancient wooden and stone sculptures.

Mrs. Bogomolets calls all museum exhibits as "orphan" icons, thrown out of houses and saved from destruction in the times of aggressive atheism. Some of them were damaged when faith of God was persecuted. You can find, for example, the sculpture of Archangel Mikhail shot through in chest; eyeless icons, the trunk for wheat made of headless icons and window shutters made of the St. Nicolas icon broken in two.

The unique stone icon of Nicolas the Wondermaker carved on stone by the end of the 12th c. contains the energy of thousands arms, therefore it is believed not to be cold even in winter.

Significance of this museum for Ukraine is hardly to be overestimated. If you look at these unique Orthodox, Catholic and Greek-Catholic icons, in front of which many Ukrainians of different age had been praying for many centuries, you can see what they were and what they actually have become.

In this museum, you can also see the unique old photos of Ukrainian gentry by XIX-XX cc. and the collection of old irons and other household appliances of previous centuries, antique chandeliers, pictures and furniture. All exhibits are genuine.

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