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We can rent premises of Castle Radomysl for historical, cultural, art exhibitions and workshops.

Management of Castle Radomysl collaborates with artists, sculptors, masters, collectors, art patrons and also legal persons who deal with organization and holding of different exhibitions.

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The following premises can be rented for exhibition:

  • Trapeznaya (Refectory Hall) (120 square meters.),
  • Concert Hall (150 square meters)
  • Conference Hall (150 square meters)

We can also provide a separate premises for press-conference and other events.

Holding the event in Castle Radomysl is a possibility to grant a high status to it and to attract the real judges of art.

Concert hall is an ideal place for holding of concerts and festivals of chamber, national and medieval music. The height of its arches reaches 6 meters. Judging from results of acoustic and ballistic analysis, this hall meets the highest European requirements.

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